Roofing Materials That You Should Consider 

Choosing the roof type or the roof material of our new house is no easy task. We have to be deliberate on how we choose one because roofs require a bulk of the budget of our building and it can be very expensive to make changes once it is installed. 

One of the most common choices people take is asphalt shingles and tiles for their roofs. You probably already know about these materials, so I will not discuss them anymore. To give you alternatives and other options, here is a list of roofing materials that you should consider. 

Roofing Materials

1. Eco-Roofs

Because of the threat of global warming, scientist and roofing manufacturers have created eco-roofs. As you can guess, eco-roofs are environmentally friendly and is manufactured in sustainable ways. Aside from the main advantage of helping our environment, eco-roofs is a type of roof that provides excellent insulation. This insulation property of eco-roofs will save you money from electricity bills because your home will stay cool even in summer days. 

The disadvantage of eco-roofs is that it is very expensive, this is because the supply of this kind of roof material is only a few. Also, there is a high chance that this material is not available in your locality, and you might need to ship it, which will cost you more. 

2. Engineered Material

Another roofing material that is rising in popularity is engineered materials, which are often made of rubber or plastic. Because of the properties of plastic and rubber, this kind of roofing material is suitable to any style of roofing and home. Rubbers and plastic are also very lightweight; they won’t tax much weight on the foundations of your home.  

Engineered materials can last long, around three to five decades. These engineered material are also available in diverse shapes and colors, which enables you to design your roofing the way you like. The disadvantage of using these materials is that it is also not available anywhere because it is relatively new.  

3. Concrete and Fiber

Another alternative that you should consider in your roofing is the concrete with fiber material. This kind of material is very durable; it is fire resistant, it is also estimated that it lasts for two to three decades. Aside from being fire resistant, it is also insect resistant, which means it is not vulnerable to mildew and the decay that insects deliver. The concrete and fiber material is also available in many colors and shapes; it can take the form of tile, shingles, and stone.  

Because of the quality of concrete and fiber roofing material, this alternative can an expensive choice. This material is relatively easy to find and might be readily available in your locality,  but this availability can also present a downside. The quality may be varied depending on the manufacturer, and you might make the mistake of buying the wrong one.  

Make sure to do your homework, ask other homeowners that use these materials on what manufacturer product they have purchased. Or better yet, search through the internet and read reviews. You can also ask for help and advice from your excellent roofing service company, like roofing wisconsin dells.