How to Remove Old Trees

Sometimes it becomes necessary to say goodbye to a tree. This can be quite a difficult thing to do but if the tree can do more harm than good, then there’s really nothing else to do. If the tree has an incurable pest infestation, or if it starts growing too high, or if begins to reach the power line, then it either has to be pruned or cut. If these things happen, then you have to do what’s right.

You should find a Gresham tree removal expert to help you take down the tree. You may have spent years taking care of your tree but you should know that it can’t live forever. You can’t really make a tree live despite its bad condition.

Planning the Tree Removal

The moment that you have decided to cut down the tree is the day you plan how to do it. Here’s the thing: you can’t remove your tree on your own. If you insist, then you might damage your or your neighbor’s property and you don’t want to be liable for that. Worse, the endeavor may even cause personal injury. When cutting trees, you have to determine which direction it should fall. You have to accurately measure that so it’s perfectly clear of everything.

The professional would know how to remove trees and it involves tying cables on the top and anchoring them on the two opposite sides from where you want them to lean forward. Doing so allows one to control the tree’s direction while it’s lowered. This way, it won’t lean toward anything that it can destroy.

Chopping Parts of the Tree

After taking all the safety steps to remove the tree, you should be ready to chop it off. If you call a professional, then a chainsaw will be used. If you’re doing the job yourself, then you might be using an ax. You should reconsider chopping down trees using an ax because such a task will take forever.

If there‘s no chainsaw, then you should seriously consider hiring tree removal experts to do the job. Tree removal shouldn’t even be considered without one. But don’t go around asking your neighbors if they own one and it’s not really feasible to buy a new chainsaw just to cut down one tree. Hiring tree removal experts are the best way to go.

The Proper Way to Cut Down Trees

Chopping down trees requires more than just a chainsaw. First, you must put on the right protective gear, especially for your eyes and face. This is necessary in case wood chips get to your face. Without the proper gear, removing a tree may cause physical injury. Wear protection when using power tools, especially for the exposed parts of the body.

Tree experts cut trees in a V-shaped form. This way, the tree won’t roll sideways without any control. The V shape allows you to cut the tree and make it fall on the right direction. It may not be as accurate, but that’s something that’s easily managed.